Hayley, Avril- Can We Sit At Your Table?


Hayley, Avril- Can we sit at your table?

Piper Connolly Set to Unveil Debut Single "twisted play" on April 24th, 2024


[PHOENIX, February 15, 2024]: Piper Connolly, an emerging young talent in the pop rock space, is ready to make her mark with the release of her debut single, "twisted play," slated to drop on April 25, 2024. Garnering early praise from industry insiders, this track promises a fun and profound paradoxical musical moment. “Adderall-laden cotton candy” is how one such insider described her sound- and he’s not wrong.

"Dope energy", "strong vocal performance", and “excellent female indie pop rock song” are just some of the accolades bestowed upon the debut single.  

Bolstered by industry feedback, "twisted play" has already secured acclaim for dynamic arrangement and haunting bridge. Industry critics have lauded Piper’s skillful fusion of musical elements, creating a unique atmosphere that keeps listeners intrigued from the first chord to the final note. 

Comparisons to industry icons like Avril Lavigne and Paramore further underscore the appeal of Piper’s sound. With her “unique voice cutting through the noise of today’s ‘lazy whisper range’ popular music scene”, "twisted play" emerges as a standout debut track that seamlessly blends elements of rock and pop, new and old, inviting listeners on an enjoyable musical tumble.

“twisted play” will be available everywhere music is streamed.

For more information about Piper and updates on the release of "twisted play," please visit www.hernameispiperconnolly.com.

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About Piper Connolly:

Piper is an emerging singer-songwriter known for her unique vocals and dynamic performances. With influences ranging from pop to alternative rock spanning decades of music history, Piper brings a fresh perspective to today’s music scene, blending heartfelt lyrics with infectious melodies. "twisted play" marks her debut single release, setting the stage for an exciting career ahead. Follow Piper Connolly on www.hernameispiperconnolly.com https://www.tiktok.com/@piperconnolly, and https://www.instagram.com/hernameispiperconnolly

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